by James Ridenour
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South of Johnston

One of Melbourne’s best kept secrets for a place to meet for breakfast or lunch is South of Johnston.  It has great food, superb service and an intriguing design with an edgy location in the Collingwood warehouse district.  South of Johnston however has one thing that sets them apart from the others.  They have an area where you can enjoy your meal with your best friend and your dog!   Truth be told they have a lot of great things like the communal coffee table which allows guests to have a coffee while waiting for a table during busy times.

The menu at South of Johnston has quality food with intriguing food combinations such as chorizo eggs with chorizo sausage and olives cooked in Napoli with poached eggs, hollandaise and basil on sourdough.  I also love the roasted cauliflower and broccoli salad with quinoa, chickpeas, baba ganoush, currants, almonds, pomegranate and labneh.  In addition to the menu South of Johnston serves up one of Melbourne’s best coffees.

South of Johnston is located in an old warehouse and the interior has an artsy holiday house feel.  You will see a variety of art forms displayed from a neon installation to digital art.  Even the menu folder has an image of a tractor stamped on it.

This cafe is one that I regularly recommend to my guests to and without fail they come back raving about their experience.   The cafe is also in the Collingwood arts precinct making it a perfect location for art lovers.  For inspiration here are two of my favourite galleries, the James Makin Gallery and Australia’s oldest contemporary art gallery the Australian Galleries.  Both galleries are only two blocks from the cafe.

South of Johnston is open 7 days a week from 730am to 5pm and is located at 46 Oxford Street, Collingwood.  You can contact South of Johnston for reservations (weekdays only) 03 9417 2741.


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