by James Ridenour
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One of the best things about living in the world’s most livable city and being a Concierge Clefs d’Or is discovering amazing new things that I can share with my guests and readers.  I am a passionate supporter of our how amazing and beautiful our city is.  I love occasions when I meet a kindred spirit.  Someone who is passionate about what they do and expresses it with boundless enthusiasm.

Piero Gesualdi is just that person.  He is in love with the beauty of Melbourne and with beautiful things.  Enter MONDOPIERO (Piero’s world), Melbourne’s newest contemporary design shop located on the top end Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

Piero came to Melbourne from Italy when he was only seven.  He has fashioned an amazing life for himself here.  Piero has worked as an architect and a fashion designer and is renown for his leather work.  Most of all Piero has an eye for beauty.  His shop is a celebration of style and elegance.  Here you find pieces from local artisans and craftspersons along with the world’s best creations.

MONDOPIERO supplies everything from re-fashioned antique costume jewellery to artisan kitchen knives made and stamped by a single Italian craftsperson.  You will also find ethical taxidermy, the world’s best quality leather goods, fabrics, glass, lighting, scent, furniture and other curiosities.  The selection is unparalleled in Melbourne.

Surprisingly many of the items are reasonably priced and you don’t need to be a shipping magnate to afford most of them.  There are of course a few media mogul pieces for those who don’t need to bother with price tags!

MONDOPIERO also features a gorgeous cafe and there is a wine bar coming soon.  My suggestion is to drop in for a delicious coffee and a squiz.  This shop is a must see when in Melbourne and I can not it shout it out loud enough from my rooftop.  I can attest that I was most certainly inspired!  Bravo MONDOPIERO!

MONDOPIERO is located at 28 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy and is open 7 days.


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