by James Ridenour
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From the über talented duo (Angie and Guy) that brought you one of my all time favourite restaurants in Melbourne (Epocha) we now have what will no doubt be number two in their expanding restaurant empire, Elyros.

Elyros is a Cretan restaurant (from the Island of Crete in Greece).  A visit to Elyros is like an elegant European vacation without the jet lag.  From the moment I arrived I was impressed with the bones of the building.  I rarely like to take photos of empty restaurants as they somehow lack soul and are uninviting, not with Elyros.  I simply was drawn to the clean lines, powdered colour palate and earthy tones of the ceramics and woods.  I was in love and I hadn’t even had a drop of wine nor a bite of food.

Elyros follows the Cretan philosophy of food.  Serve only what’s at its best and in season, use preserves and forage for whatever will complement your dishes.   This philosophy not only works it inspires.  I was simply floored by the incredible variety of flavours and colours on display.

Each dish was wonderfully executed and incredibly delicious.  Vegetables, olives, meats, cheeses all mouth-wateringly prepared.  The pictures tell the story.  Our party simply loved the entire gastronomic experience.

Now for the service, which was just as impressive as some of the best rated restaurants in Melbourne.  To demonstrate I sat down at my table to start dinner with a glass of wine in hand from the bar area.  Silently and effortlessly the table set glass was whooshed away without fuss or ceremony like it never existed.  This is service at its best, you don’t even realise it is happening unless a genuine interaction is required and then you will find the banter is joyous, professional and easy.  Simply put I was impressed.

Here is one of my super secret tips shared only with my guest and readers.  Angie is a wine connoisseur that you simply must know.   She sources her wines from small southern European producers and her restaurant collection comprise wines that you will not see anywhere else in the city.  Other restaurant sommeliers who are looking for something exciting and different all flock to Angie’s restaurants for exotic bottles of wines.  Add to that, they are also very reasonably priced.

Elyros is located at 871 Burke Road, Camberwell and can be contacted on (03) 9882 8877.


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