by James Ridenour
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The Hotel Lincoln

The Hotel Lincoln is one of Melbourne’s newest rejuvenated historic pubs.  The pub is art deco and the theme of the deco period has been sensitively references with the furnishings and art.  Located on Carlton Street on Cardigan Street the pub features a small outdoor area on the footpath, a bar area and a wonderfully ‘flapperesque’ dining […]

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Northern Lights

Norther Lights is one of those places that you hear about word of mouth and those are the best kind of places if you ask me. The restaurant/bar combination is a quirky Aussie/Asian restaurant located in the burgeoning Smith Street (Collingwood) food district.  The restaurant feature as you would imagine a number of lights which […]

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For me Cecconi’s has long been one of the mainstays of fine dining in Melbourne.  My first recollection of someone I trusted raving about a fine dining establishment was a restaurant manager friend of mine who said Cecconi’s Cantina (back when it was located the Crown Casino Complex) was the finest Italian restaurant in Melbourne. Cecconi’s made […]

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Top 10 Restaurants in Melbourne

Top 10 Restaurants in Melbourne

Here are my top 10 favourite restaurants in Melbourne St Crispin  The Estelle Cutler & Co Vue de monde Ezard  The Point Donovans Epocha Pretty Mama Tipo 00  Enjoyed my post?   Want to keep up with great things to do around Melbourne, Australia and the world?  Please feel free to subscribe to my blog […]

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South of Johnston

One of Melbourne’s best kept secrets for a place to meet for breakfast or lunch is South of Johnston.  It has great food, superb service and an intriguing design with an edgy location in the Collingwood warehouse district.  South of Johnston however has one thing that sets them apart from the others.  They have an […]

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5 Point Deli and Longhorn Saloon

I have often said that Melbourne is the greatest city in the world however it has always been missing one thing, a great bagel.  I am pleased to announce Melbourne is complete!  The brother duo who gave us Le Bon Ton have just opened up their newest venture in Carlton, a two story multi purpose […]

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Northern Git

If you don’t live in Thornbury you should.  Bars, cafes and restaurants are all popping up at an amazing speed.  What is more remarkable than the speed is the quality of these new venues.  Case in point Northern Git.  It makes living in Thornbury that much better. Northern Git is the invention of Michael Slade […]

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Pope Joan

Pope Joan is named after the medieval legend of the woman who posed as a man and reigned as Pope for several years.  This venue is just that a powerhouse unassumably disguised as a neighbourhood cafe in Melbourne’s north.  Pope Joan is one of my concierge friend’s favourite restaurant/cafe/bar combos.  He has been raving about […]

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Fatto Bar & Cantina

One of the great pleasures in life is finding something wonderful and new.  It’s even better when it has been staring you in the face the whole time. Fatto Bar & Cantina is just that place.  Situated right next to the stunning Princes Bridge Fatto Bar & Cantina is exactly what Melbourne needs, a great […]

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Stokehouse City

I had great expectations for my visit to the new Stokehouse City for two reasons.  Firstly the building itself which is one of Melbourne’s best examples of Victorian architecture used for a restaurant and secondly to see how the decor had been change since its previous incarnation as another restaurant.  I had many fond memories […]

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