by James Ridenour
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Hophaus Bier Bar Grill

Ever since my trip to Munich I have fallen in love with German hospitality.  The people are so genuine warm and engaging.  I will never forget my trip to the five lakes district in Bavaria where they have live jazz in the summer afternoons at an outdoor picnic area which is serviced by a beer hall.  You bring your food, listen to the live jazz and get your beer from the beer hall.  These are joyous memories that will last a lifetime.

Now Melbourne has it’s own version of a Bavarian beer hall, Hophaus.  Let’s face it who doesn’t like great beer, great food?  All served up with slam dunk views of Melbourne by a wonderfully friendly bunch of staff in a modern interpretation of a Bavarian bier hall.  I love this place!

Hophaus has finally answered my cries of amazement with regards to the beer serve sizes in Melbourne.  I guess it’s all just what you are used to and growing up in Canada I always got draft beer by the pint.  I have always been a bit bamboozled by the midi, pot, schooner choices in Australia.  For me this was just a matter of getting acclimatised to Melbourne, which is now definitely and joyously where I call home.  And now Hophaus has put an end to my undersized beer misery!!! Yes readers you can get a decent sized beer in Melbourne!  Half litres and even the Bavarian tradition of litre beers are available.  The world makes sense again for this CanAussie!  Ok joking aside they serve a lot of really good beer in whatever size you want.

Now to the food and service.  It’s simply splendid.  All the Bavarian traditional foods you would expect served up by some seriously friendly staff.  This place is awesome.  So if you like beer, Bavarian food or are just looking for a great restaurant, pub that won’t break the bank and will deliver great value for money, Hophuas must be on your list.

My tip, don’t drive and enjoy any time you can.

Hophaus is located in the Southgate complex on Southbank and is open seven days a week from 11am to late and can be contacted on 03 9682 5900.


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