by James Ridenour
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Meet Mr Beer in Melbourne, Scott Dewar owner of Aussie Brewery Tours.  Scott hosts day tours of some of Victoria’s best micro-breweries and I was lucky enough to join him on a tour of the Yarra Valley.

Our day started with the drive from the city to the Yarra Valley.  If you have ever been on a tour out to the valley the drive (about an hour) is usually a bit tedious as really you just want to get there.  Scott changed what could have been a boring drive into a fun one as he chatted away giving us the history of the world, beer style.  He informed us that beer is man’s greatest invention of all time.   We learned that beer created civilisation as we know it and that beer is the mother of all things great in this world.   I have done a lot of tours in my time and I can’t say I haven’t had a more personable or fun tour guide in a long time.  Scott’s tales of how the world is a better place with beer in it was not only interesting and informative, it was fun, hilarious in fact.  We arrived in the Yarra Valley in what felt like no time at all.

Our first stop was the White Rabbit brewery in Healesville.  Here we learned a bit about the process of making beer.   It was a great chance for the group to get to know each other and for us to have a sample of each of the brews on offer before choosing a pint shouted by Scott!  You see I told you he was a great bloke.

Next was off to Buckley’s brewery who are literally back yard brewers.  A couple of guys, a shed and beer.  What could be more Aussie than that.  We again tried a couple samples and heard about how decidedly low tech processes here is.  We of course heard the story about the infamous Buckley himself.

Lunch was at my favourite restaurant in the Yarra Valley, Hargreaves Hill.  This is a micro-brewery with a gourmet restaurant to boot.  Hargreaves Hill easily has the best lunch I have ever had on a day tour.  The restaurant is one of the standouts in the valley.  There were plenty of options, beef, fish, pasta and two great vegetarian options as well.  I chose the fish and chips and it was delicious.  Then of course there was the glamour beer event of the day the tasting paddle followed by you guessed it another pint.

Next stop was Punt Hill winery?  Ok Scott had not lost the plot, he has just thrown in a cider option to mix things up.  We sampled a few clean and crisp Napoleon ciders before heading off to our last stop of the day which is Coldstream brewery.  Here we had our last pint along with a pit stop before heading off home to the city.

All in all a magnificent day that I would highly recommend to anyone who likes beer or for anyone who loves someone who likes beer and wants to shout them to a great day out.

Scott is charming, informative, funny and hosts a spectacular day full of fun and great beer.

My tip, just do it!

Aussie Brewery Tours also does city brewery tours, special event tours and private tours which are great for corporate events or even bucks parties.  You can contact them on 1300 787 039.

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