by James Ridenour
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5 Point Deli and Longhorn Saloon

I have often said that Melbourne is the greatest city in the world however it has always been missing one thing, a great bagel.  I am pleased to announce Melbourne is complete!  The brother duo who gave us Le Bon Ton have just opened up their newest venture in Carlton, a two story multi purpose cafe, restaurant bar combo.

Downstairs is the 5 Point Deli which serves up New York style bagels from 5 and Dime.  The bagels are just as the should be chewy and stuffed full of meat and delicious fillings.  Simply put Melbourne is now complete in my books.  One interesting note is that the deli only serves filter coffee which is offered as a bottomless serve.  Now for a boy from Vancouver (albeit from a very long time ago) this was not too much of a challenge however I am not sure how the coffee addicts of Melbourne will take to this.  In any case it sure was a novelty for me to have filter coffee again and it was as you expect very good filter coffee.

Upstairs you will find the Long Horn Saloon which is a bar come steak house.  We had a couple a great starters.  I tried the Alaska King Crab which was so very delicious.  Now it’s time to stop the presses, they serve poutine.  For all of you who have spent a ski season in Whistler you will know what I mean!  For those who have not poutine is a French Canadian dish of french fries, curd cheese, gravy and the Longhorn Saloon offers it up with jalapeños (which is not traditional but is an awesome addition).  The poutine was incredibly authentic and is a must try for everyone!  I know it does not sound great but trust your concierge and give it a go!  We then had steaks with all the trimmings and sides which were excellent.  Dessert was a pecan pie that was to die for.  All in all an excellent meal in a really funky restaurant complete with great service.

I would happily come back for dinner but you know I will be back again and again for the bagel and poutine.  This is a must on your hit list!

The 5 Point Deli and Longhorn Saloon is located at 118 Elgin Street, Carlton and can be contacted on 03 9348 4794.  The 5 Points Deli is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 1130am to 430pm.  The Longhorn Saloon is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 530pm.



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